Las naranjas como arte: una mirada a su representación en la pintura y el cine

Oranges as art: a look at their representation in painting and cinema

Oranges in classical and modern painting

Oranges, with their vibrant color and brilliant texture, have been a recurring theme in still life paintings since the Renaissance. In these works, oranges often represented wealth and abundance, as they were exotic and expensive fruits in those times. A famous example is Caravaggio's "Still Life with Fruit", in which a sprig of oranges features prominently alongside other fruits.

In modern art, oranges have continued to be a source of inspiration. An example is the series "Oranges on the table" by the famous French painter Paul Cézanne. The vibrant and rich color palette of these paintings captures the essence of oranges in a wonderfully abstract way.

Oranges in Valencian architecture and design

In Valencia, the love for oranges extends beyond the table and the field. This appreciation for citrus can be seen in the famous Valencian tiles and in the region's modernist architecture, such as Valencia's Estación del Norte, where oranges are a recurring theme in the décor. This type of representation reminds the viewer of the richness of the region's orange crops, especially in privileged areas such as Les Valls de Sagunt.

oranges in the movies

Even in the movies, oranges have had a symbolic role. In Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather" trilogy, the appearance of oranges often heralds a violent event or the death of a character. Although the choice of oranges might seem haphazard, their repeated presence throughout the three films suggests deliberate purpose and adds a layer of complexity to the trilogy's narrative.

From classical paintings to modern design and film, oranges have proven to be a continuous and varied source of inspiration. With their captivating color and texture, these fruits are a reminder of the beauty and richness of nature, and invite us to appreciate them not only for their taste , but also for their aesthetics. However they are rendered, oranges always bring a touch of sunshine and a hint of the fertile fields of Les Valls de Sagunt to any work of art.

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