Who can place orders on the web?

Anyone can buy directly from the Perdine orchards, so everyone can enjoy the pleasure of fresh fruit.

For professionals, Perdine offers tailor-made solutions: pricing, packaging, presentations at the point of sale, etc. Contact us through the “Professionals” tab, and we will answer in a maximum of 48 hours.

Why are some fruits not available?

In Perdine, only fruit from the current season is on sale, when it is fully ripened and ready to enjoy. The fruit does not undergo any kind of storage. This is why our fruit is only available at certain times of the year: check the availability calendar.

Can I group together several orders?

You can order a basket containing different varieties of fruit and several quantities for different people. However your purchases can only be delivered in a single shipment and to only one address. To facilitate distribution to buyers we recommend that you choose the 4 kg bag packaging option.


What are the turnaround times?

Perdine delivery is 24 to 48 hours.*

How is delivery made? (Where did they deliver it to me?)

Receive your package where you want: at home, at work, at your friends’ home, etc. Someone must be present to receive the package. You will be sent a message with the delivery date and time slot.

*For some isolated areas, delivery times may be longer. A few hours after placing your online order you will receive an email from the carrier indicating the delivery date. In case of doubt, contact us by email or phone.


The fruit is hand-packaged with great care. There are two possible packaging options:

  • In bulk with natural protection chips.
  • In biodegradable and locally made natural fiber sacks (jute, cotton).


Our oranges and clementines can be stored for between 10 and 15 days with no problem. To enjoy your fruit in a lasting way we recommend:

  • Stored in bulk, unpackaged.
  • At a temperature of about 10°C: in a cool place or in the fruit box of your refrigerator.
  • Do not leave them at room temperature if they are not to be consumed within 48-72 hours.


Perdine is committed to the quality of its fruit:

  • Integrated production with no post harvest treatments.
  • Picked on request, with no storage.
  • Hand picked.
  • Harvest season-fruit at full ripeness.
  • Exceptional taste recognized by a professional jury.


What are the payment options?

On you can only pay for your order with credit cards or by bank transfer. We accept several types of credit cards (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) in payment for your order.

Payment safety

Payment is performed in a secure area.

To ensure the safety of transactions, uses our bank’s secure payment platform.

When making your payment, you can save your card details to facilitate future purchases on our web.

This information is stored securely with our bank.


I have a problem, a specific question, a request for my order to be customized.

For any specific request you can contact us by email: or by phone +34 617 288 696 from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00. We will respond within 48 hours.


I am a company and would like to know the prices for professionals.

For professionals, Perdine offers customized solutions: pricing, packaging, presentations at the point of sale, etc. Contact us on the PROFESSIONALS tab of, we will answer you in a maximum of 48 hours.