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More than a century of history

Perdine is the story of a family passing on its traditional savoir-faire in farming citrus varieties. Since 1980, each generation has been committed to preserving and building on this tradition of excellence in flavor. The family’s ambition has remained the same: to supply oranges and clementines of rare and intense flavor.

Sharing a passion

As part of their unshakeable determination to protect their amazing family heritage, the new generations have decided to sell the harvest directly from the orchard. Since 2012 and from now on, Perdine oranges and clementines are available to anyone looking for the best, from gastronomy experts to demanding private customers.


The reputation for excellence of a rare fruit

Requiring warmth and a lot of sun, oranges were restricted to the aristocracy for a long time. During the Renaissance, this luxury fruit was a symbol of power and wealth. Even today, you can still admire the orangeries at royal palaces in France, Belgium, England, Germany and even Russia. These magnificent buildings with huge windows testify to the symbolic power granted to this sun-kissed winter fruit.

A precious gift

Until the mid-1950’s, oranges were rare and expensive. They were bought as single items to be offered as gifts. Nowadays, they remind older generations of childhood Christmases, when oranges were placed under the Christmas tree along with gingerbread and biscuits.


The birthplace of oranges in Europe

The extraordinary richness of this historical region and its soil gives Perdine fruit its one-of-a-kind taste. The region of Valencia is undoubtedly the most appropriate soil for farming citrus varieties. By the end of the 18th century, the first plantations of orange trees had found the perfect soil and the ideal climate.

The Valencian Mediterranean

The Perdine orchards are nestled in the very heart of the Les Valls de Sagunt valley. The orangeries, bathed in sunlight, are set midway between the hills and the sea. The orange tree foliage stands out from the ochre hillsides overlooking the sea.

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