Passion for



Taking care of nature to get the best from it

At Perdine, we know nature what gives the fruit its rich and powerful flavor. Our oranges draw their unique taste from the richness of the soil and an ideal climate. It’s only by preserving this environment and this soil that we can farm oranges with such well-developed flavors.

Fully sustainable agriculture

The entire Perdine production benefits from the Sustainable Agriculture label awarded by Valencia’s local agricultural authorities. We are committed to not using any post-harvest treatment. The fruits are not waxed and we don’t use any kind of fungicide.


Freshness and seasonality

We have chosen to respect the nature and to follow its rhythm. Our oranges are ripe between September and June, depending on the varieties. All our fruits are seasonal and fresh. To preserve their orchard freshness, we ship the fruits straight after picking with no storage period.

Months of ripening

Each fruit grows at its own pace in natural conditions, on the tree, to reach the perfect ripeness. Every fruit is selected and picked by hand to meet the criteria for the best flavor possible.

Trust in us