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The artisan orange

The orange loses its authentic and natural flavor as soon as its cultivation has to adapt to the limitations of large-scale production: early harvesting, storage and degreening, chemical treatments, mechanization...
Thanks to a completely handmade production, Perdine is committed to restoring the purity of the original flavor of the fruit.

An awakening of the senses

Through its selection of fruit, Perdine invites you to share an art of life by offering you a new tasting experience rich in taste emotions.
Our oranges invite you to enjoy the table and rediscover forgotten flavors.


An intact freshness

Perdine proposes direct sales to gastronomy professionals and individuals. Fine palates, lovers of good cuisine, or simply people concerned about eating well while respecting the land and the producer, everyone can take advantage of the freshness of the fruit picked at the moment

A personalized vintage

Perdine opens the doors of his orchards and invites them to share the harvest in his online boutique. Let yourself be carried away among the varieties of oranges and mandarins available and indicate the desired harvest date. Our pickers will take care of following your instructions and sending you the desired fruit as soon as possible.