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Traditional oranges

As soon as orange farming has to meet industrial requirements, oranges lose their original and natural flavor due to early harvesting, ripening in cold storage, chemical treatments and mechanization. Because it uses completely traditional farming methods, Perdine is committed to offering fruits with their genuine original taste.

Invitation to the senses

Through its selection of fruits, Perdine wants to share its art of living and offer you a new flavor-filled experience, rich in tasting sensations. Our oranges are an invitation to the pleasures of good food and the rediscovery of forgotten flavors.


Pristine freshness

Perdine offers direct selling to gastronomy experts and professionals as well as to private customers. Whether you are a gourmet, fond of good food or just someone who cares about eating healthy food farmed with respect for the soil and for producers, you can enjoy the freshness of newly picked fruits.

Personalized picking

Perdine opens its orchard gates to you and invites you to experience picking via the online shop. Browse your way through the different varieties of available oranges and clementines and tell us which date you would like your fruit to be picked. Our pickers will follow your instructions and ship you the desired fruit in the shortest possible time.

Trust in us