Clementine Clemenules

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First grown in 1953 in Nules (Castellón), the Clemenules is distinguished by its relatively large size and thick skin, which is very easy to peel. Its melting, juicy pulp reveals flavors with a good balance between acidity and sweetness.


  • Juice:


  • October – November – December


  • To eat:

    very easy to peel, ideal for a hand eating dessert.

    To drink:

    pure juice and in smoothies.

- +

From 10 to 15 days.

To keep your fruit as long as possible, we recommend:

  • Store it without the packaging.
  • Keep at a temperature of approximately 10ºC in a cool place or in the fruit drawer of your fridge.
  • Don’t store it at room temperature unless you wish to consume it in the next 48-72h.

The fruit is carefully packed by hand.

Two packaging options are offered:

  • Bulk with protective straw.
  • Biodegradable handmade jute bags.

Fruit picked at the point of ripeness.

Harvesting on demand.

Harvested by hand, one by one.

24-48h free delivery service

Sustainable agriculture, without post-harvest treatments.

Superior taste award avowed by a professional juror.


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Weight 1 kg

Bulk Box – 10 kg, Bulk Box – 5 kg, Bulk Box -14 kg, Jute bag – 12 kg (3 x 4 kg), Jute bag – 16 kg (4 x 4 kg)


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