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"Handmade" fruits

Grown on exceptional soil, Perdine oranges and clementines are cared for manually, using traditional methods at every stage of their growth.

Our fruits are carefully handpicked one by one, allowing us to ensure their perfect ripeness. After slowly ripening under the sun, our fruits are never stored. They are hand packed in biodegradable jute cloth sacks or mesh bags which are locally made.


Making our oranges greater

At Perdine, each and every detail matters and we aim for perfection. Day after day, we strive to bring out the extraordinary qualities of our oranges and clementines and to show their true potential for excellence.

Made to measure service

All three generations of the family work towards a single goal: to offer a perfect service and impeccable quality. Each request is thoroughly studied so we can provide a personalized service and a unique experience. Picking, packaging and shipping meet your own particular requests. Our pickers choose the fruit to your own requirements straight from the tree.

Trust in us